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4/27/2009Please check out my small Card Captor Sakura Update. I was not able to finish my update from yesterday, I have a very bad cold. I would like to thank everyone that helped me to identify the cels from my last update.
4/27/2009Finally an update! But it is a tiny update. Please check out the three Ranma cels that I added. My favorite cels of the update are the Hyper Police Ninja cel, the Jura Tripper Hanken cel and the MKR cel.
2/22/2008Updated 11 cels. Three cels from Gundam Wing. Two cels from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. Two cels from Ranma1/2. One cel from X. One cel from Virus. One cel from Maison Ikkoku and one from SailorMoon. My favorite cels from this update are the Maison Ikkoku Hanken, the Eternal Sailor Moon Hanken and the Virus Pan cel of Erika.
2/20/2008Updated 13 cels. Bleach, CCS,Dragonball, Dual,Escaflowne, G Gundam, and Gokudo. My favorite cels of this update are the G Gundam cel of Rain and the Dual Hanken.

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Title Last Updated
Ah! My Goddess 3/4/2007
Berserk 6/17/2007
Bubble Gum Crisis 3/15/2006
Card Captor Sakura 4/27/2009
Chuuka Ichiban! 6/22/2007
Clamp Campus Detectives 3/15/2006
Crest of the Stars 1/18/2004
Dragon Ball 2/20/2008
Escaflowne 2/20/2008
Evangelion 2/22/2007
Fan Cels 10/23/2005
Free / Very cheap 6/21/2007
Full Metal Alchemist 8/5/2006
G Gundam 2/20/2008
Generator Gawl 6/22/2007
Generator Gawl - Generators 6/22/2007
Generator Gawl - Massami 11/20/2005
Gundam MS08th Team 10/23/2005
Gundam Wing 2/21/2008
Hanken 4/27/2009
Heroic Legend of Arslan 1/18/2004
Hunter X Hunter 6/22/2007
Hyper Police 4/27/2009
Iczer 3/7/2006
Inu Yasha 6/16/2007
Jubei Chan 7/30/2006
Legend of Lemnear 1/18/2004
Magic Knights Rayearth 4/27/2009
Misc 7/6/2007
Misc - Ladies 6/21/2007
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland 2/21/2008
Naruto 7/6/2007
Nightwalker 1/23/2004
Nurse Angel Rika SOS 10/28/2005
Orphen 10/8/2006
Ranma 1/2 4/27/2009
Record of the Lodoss War 1/18/2005
Rose of Versailles 7/6/2007
Rurouni Kenshin 10/8/2006
RuRouni Kenshin Sketches 10/8/2006
Sailor Moon 4/27/2009
Saiyuki 10/23/2005
Shamanic Princess 3/23/2006
Slayers 3/5/2007
Tenchi Muyo 10/23/2004
Trigun 1/18/2004
Utena 6/18/2007
Vampire Hunter D 6/16/2007
Vampire Princess Miyu 2/22/2007
Virus Buster Serge 2/21/2008
X/1999 2/21/2008
You're Under Arrest 7/6/2007
Yu Gi Oh 7/6/2007
Yu Yu Hakusho 6/21/2007
Yu Yu Hakusho - Toguro 1/18/2005

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